OUR BUSINESS: Metalworks & machinery

Osuuskunta Ratas ja Ruuvi makes and sells potato- and sugarbeetmachinery and their spare parts. We also do subcontracting related to metalworks. Welding, lathing and notching are only examples of our range of services

Our co-operating society was established in July, 2011. Founders were former employees of Juko Kongskilde. Ratas ja Ruuvi was the first co-operative society business on metal brach in Proper Finland and it is located in Mynämäki.

The reason why the business is based on co-operative society is, that when Juko ended it’s production range in Mynämäki, founder members felt they should continue their work with metals and decided to do it together. The name “Ratas ja Ruuvi” comes from Finnish words for “gear & bolt” – the most basic parts of machine making.

Ratas ja ruuvi does every job with great experience – some of us have made machines for over 40 years.